What Is the Best Audio Format for My Portable Device?

What Is the Best Audio Format for My Portable Device?

If you've got a portable device that can play digital music, have you ever wondered if there's a particular audio format you should be using?
After all, it's not always clear which format is the best for music. Some services like Amazon sell digital music in the MP3 format. While Apple offers song downloads from its iTunes Store in the AAC format.
Then there's the question of which formats your device can actually play. If it's relatively new, you might be able to play lossless formats like FLAC as well as the older lossy ones such as MP3 and AAC.
And to add even more confusion, there's the listening factor too. How important is sound quality to you? To help you decide, here are a few things you can do.

Check Your Portable's Format Compatibility

Before deciding on an audio format, the first thing you'll need to do is check its compatibility. This can usually be found on the manufacturer's website or in the specifications section of the user guide (if it came with one of course).

How to Set Up VLC Media Player

It's a good idea to configure VLC to automatically save and reload your media library every time the program is started. To do this, select the Tools menu tab and select Preferences. On a Mac, select VLC from the menu bar and then Preferences.

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  5. If you're not going to be using high-end audiophile equipment in the future then a lossy audio format might be sufficient if you're only going to use your portable. For wide compatibility, the MP3 file format is the safest bet. It's an old algorithm, but one that gives good results. In fact, it is still the most compatible audio format of them all.

However, if you are pulling tracks from music CDs for instance, then you might be wise to keep a lossless copy on your computer/external hard drive and convert to lossy as well for your portable. This will keep your music future-proof even if new hardware and formats surface at a later date.

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